Password Protect An Excel File To Make It Secure

Securing data can sometimes be a tiring process but fortunately for to Password Protect an Excel File, it’s pretty much easy. It can be done with a blink of an eye and helps you to save important data you don’t want others to see.

Before we talk about Excel’s password, let’s make sure what we mean by security. Security lets you choose who gets in and by virtue of doing so, who doesn’t. Protection limits users who are already in. Security is about access, protection is about maintaining integrity.

To make an Excel file password protected please follow the below instructions

Open an Excel file

On the left top corner Click the FILE tab

The first option will be INFO

In the INFO menu click Protect Workbook, which in the definition says “Control what types of changes people can make to this workbook”.

Click the drop-down menu and that will highlight the following options:

  • Always Open read-Only
  • Encrypt with Password
  • Protect Current Sheet
  • Protect Workbook Structure
  • Add a Digital Signature
  • Mark as final


Since we are talking about an Excel Workbook in this topic we will discuss the second option only.

To set the password choose Encyrpt with Password and then set the desired password.

Set Password Excel

The password needs to be entered twice just to make sure you have typed incorrectly.

Please note, you will not be able to recover the password if by any chance you forget it. Not even Microsoft will help you to recover the password. So we strongly recommend you to remember the password before you protect your Excel workbook.

  • Enter one or both passwords and click OK.
  • Confirm each password and click OK.
  • Click Save.

Excel Password Lost

Now you are in full control of your documents and the data is secure. It doesn’t only give you the full security but peace of mind too.

In the next topic, we will discuss how to Password Protect an Excel File to make it read-only.

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